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Thermal adhesive

2018-08-17 3118

Thermal adhesive labels, mainly used in electronic scales, can be used in supermarkets, store cashiers or signs.


1) Material:

Face paper: 70gsm-80gsm thermal paper, one or three anti-proof, white or color;

Glue: hot melt adhesive / water gel; permanent glue / removable glue;

Backing paper: 60gsm-65gsm Glasin, white/blue;

2) Size: Customizable size, conventional 40mm × 30mm, 58mm × 40mm, 60mm × 40mm, 2"x1", 4"x6", etc.;

3) Die: Available in various sizes of paper and plastic dies, such as 25mm, 40mm, 76mm, etc.;

4) Tear line: can be customized according to customer requirements;

5) Packing: Provide different packaging according to customer's requirements, ordinary packing, black bag packaging, etc.;