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Two-layer computer printing paper

2018-08-17 3772

1) Paper: carbon-free paper, 48 grams, 55 grams, high quality wood pulp;

2) Dimensions: 241mmx279mm, 381mmx279mm, etc., or customized according to customer requirements;

3) Tear line: 12mm or according to customer requirements, no tear line can be made;

4) bisector: two equal parts, three equal parts, or not halved lines;

5) Color: white paper, white paper, yellow, red, etc.;

6) Packing quantity: 1000 pages/carton, 2000 pages/carton, or according to customer requirements;

7) Printing: color printing can be customized according to requirements;

8) The paper stiffness is soft and moderate, the pulling force is strong, and the high-speed printing is not easy to crack;

9) The hole pitch is accurate, the stacking is neat, the paper is smooth; the pressure line is balanced to avoid the oblique curl;

10) The color is clear and uniform, and it will last for a long time.